We provide Heat Reflective Painting Services for Roof top of terrace. The offered Heat Reflective Coating is ideal for wood, concrete, brick, metal and other surfaces for excellent thermal insulation. Due to its highly effective and adhesive nature, this coating is widely appreciated among clients. Under the guidance of our experienced professionals, this Thermal Insulation Coating is processed using optimum quality chemical compounds at our well-equipped processing unit. Product having Thermal insulation, Water proof and elastomeric properties. It is used for exterior coating of Roof Top of Buildings, Concrete, Terraces, Asbestos sheets, Industrial Sheds, and places requiring thermal insulation and waterproofing.


  • The heating in sunlight is mainly due to radiation. Conduction and convection are secondary which transfer such generated heat.

  • Conventional insulating products are designed to prevent conduction and convection.

  • Ugam Insulmix is Elastomeric Thermal Insulation and Water proof coating. After curing it forms heat barrier, flexible, and strong film which bridges cracks, prevents peeling, future cracks, growth of algae or fungi. It prevents water seepage and is U. V. resistant.

  • Ugam Insulmix is the only product which takes the care of radiation.

  • UGAM INSULMIX is tested at V. J. T. I. Mumbai, National Coating Corporation California, and other laboratories in U. S. we strictly follow A S T M standards and our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

  • The paint contains Imported Ceramic Microspheres which are used by N A S A for making tiles to cover space shuttles for thermal insulation and which are hollow and having vacuumed inside.

  • These microspheres reduce the heat generation due to radiation considerably and also help reducing conduction and convection.

  • Being ceramic, they are inert and do not take part in any reaction with paint.

  • These microspheres are dispersed in water base acrylic latex paint to achieve the weather resistance, U V Resistance, total waterproofing effect and getting the elastomeric effect.

  • Being elastomeric it takes the care of expansion and contraction of the surface on which it is applied. Also after application of this, any conventional waterproofing is not required to the building.

  • Since it is always visible on the top, any damage to it due to drilling, hammering or chipping can be repaired there only.

  • Acrylic latex and special type of additives makes the coating very hard to take the wear and tear of the terraces easily.

  • On a bare concrete terrace, it is application has shown the difference of 20 deg. Celsius checked with infrared thermometer at 2.30pm.

  • If applied externally to the buildings having central air conditioning the energy costs are reduced by minimum of 15% per month.

  • In some cases where the application is done both interior and exterior, 40% saving is achieved. Hence ideal saving can be achieved just by applying Ugam Insulmix paint.

  • In cases where heavily leaking roofs were coated with UGAM INSULMIX and the roofs now show no sign of any leaks.

  • Also since it can be manufactured in any shade, it is ideal for exterior surfaces as well as smoother version is available for interior use as finish coat.

  • Hence UGAM INSULMIX is one coating, which works as exterior/interior paint, U V Resistant coating, waterproofing and most importantly thermal insulation coating and eliminates conventional waterproofing, and thermal insulation of the building.

Condensate is the liquid formed when steam passes from the vapor to the liquid state. In a heating process, condensate is the result of steam transferring a portion of its heat energy,known as latent heat, to the product, line, or equipment being heated.

Reduction of electricity cost by upto 40%. Ugam insulmix helps to block transfer of heat inward when applied to exterior of walls and outward when applied to interior of walls. For maximum electricity savings in air conditioned buildings, we recommend doing both!

As we all are aware, Heat losses from hot surface to atmosphere are due to Radiation, Conduction and Convection. From this 70% losses are due to Radiation and balance only 30% are due to conduction and convection. But general concept is that if we put conduction resistant insulation to hot surface and bring the surface temperature to near ambient, we feel that we have achieved energy saving. Yes indeed!. We have achieved energy saving but were able to block heat losses of 30% only which are due to conduction and convection. What about Radiation? Have we ever thought about it?


  • Unaffected by UV rays (has passed 1300 hours of accelerated aging by exposure to salt fog and UV).

  • Non-combustible during application and after installation and cure, extremely low flame spread and smoke contribution ratings.

  • Due to the low thermal conduction and other insulating properties, the coating will reduce surface temperatures low enough to allow the application of color top coats while providing safety from burns by incidental contact.

  • With the exception of cold wet applications the coating can be applied without operation shut down.

  • Superior radiant heat barrier averaging 0.063 W/mK Thermal Conductivity, thus eliminating the majority of heat penetration.

  • Low chloride content, i.e., less than 23 ppm and less than 19 ppm halogen.

  • This allows the coating to be used over stainless steel and casting steel too.

  • Dry fall during application is 5’ to 7’ .

  • Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Remains flexible to -30 Deg F (-35 Deg C).

  • Contains no solvents .

  • Contains no hazardous fiber .

  • Removal is not a hazardous waste (it does not absorb chemicals).

  • Does not require special equipment and handling.